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Was it Real Alien Contact

Are aliens real or not

How can we separate truth from lies, how can we find out about what is going on in this illusive extraterrestrial field. What do we believe and assume and what do we really know. We should never underestimate the trap of wishful thinking and denial. Looking at the process of revealing the truth without having any preconceived ideas or assumptions. By simply looking at it as it and using logic, cross referencing the data and research. Separating disinformation from reliable information. Slowly putting together the pieces of this puzzle. It is obviously the topic where no one has the full picture there is still too much to discover. But at one point if you have a certain amount of pieces you can start to see an image rising.

Let's look at  these historic events which took place and gave us some astonishing facts to look at.

On 15th August 1977, possible alien signals were received by SETI (Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence). The signals which lasted for 72 seconds and has never been picked up since. The signal came from an area of space in the Sagittarius Constellation. SETI volunteer Ehman who received this signal circled the signal and wrote word wow on the printout of that signal, hence this signal became the worldwide known, The Wow! Signal.

Real Alien Contact - Wow signal

Something strange happened on the morning of the 14th of August 2001. A formation was discovered in an open field . From the ground it looked like a tangled mess, crops spread around in no system. However in the evening with the growing shadow the picture appeared unmistakably that was a human face.  Three days later another formation appeared which looked like a data strip.

Crop Circle - Alien face and Some sort of Strip Code

Soon astonishing discovery discovered that in 1974 astronomers composed a messaged and sent into deep space. About 27 years later a similar message appears in the corps however closer inspection showed there were some fundamental differences.

The message sent into space by astronomers explained;

  • Our calculation system
  • The dominant chemical substance with the elements that create life on earth
  • Our DNA code and structure
  • Humans heights and quantity
  • Our location that we live on the third planet in our solar system
  • Lastly sketch of our radio telescope

The data strip formation showed somewhat similar story, in fact it seemed as if it was a reply of the message sent in 1977 by astronomers.

The differences are visible in the picture shown below.

Alien crop circle message differences with astronomers message

The message received if it's not extremely clever and well calculated joke by humans then is it a response from alien civilizations. Over the years crop circles have appeared overnight and sometimes during the day. All indications are that these circles are part of patterns of a powerful, unusual intelligence showing itself on the planet.

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Highway to aliens crash site

Are we alone in the universe. There is no greater secrecy. For years extraterrestrials have taken hold of our imaginations and permeated our culture through countless books, TV shows and films. For many people aliens are more than just the stars of Hollywood blockbusters. In fact according to one of the polls taken in the US which reveals that one in seven Americans have seen or know someone who has seen the sign of an alien activity. As the eye witness reports pile up, 80 percent of Americans continue to believe that the government is not revealing everything it knows about UFO activities.

So is anyone out there ?

Roswell Incident

The best place to look for answers is the site of most infamous alien controversy of all Roswell New Mexico. These are the known facts that In the first week of July 1947 several Roswell residents saw a strange object blazing through the night sky. The next morning a local rancher found something from the crash out in the sheep field. As the air force station being a few miles away, the site was soon closed for inspection. The head intelligence officer subsequently issued a press release to the local paper, the headlines of which were "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On a ranch in Roswell region".

RAAF captures flying saucer

Hours later the second press release rescinded the first one, saying a mistake has been made. The recovered wreckage was from a weather balloon not a flying saucer. Was it spaceship or a balloon which crashed on that fateful night in 1947. Even today UFO experts devote serious attention to this bizarre event and many of them are still trying to prove that it was in fact an alien spaceship and not the weather balloon.

Mexico Alien Sighting

Mexico has received  more UFO sightings than any other country on this planet. The first of the growing wave of sightings occurred on 11th July 1991 during a solar eclipse. People gathered in the Mexico city to sight  this rare event in the sky. People witnessed metallic objects unidentified flying objects appear in the sky just as eclipse is taking place and remained in the sky as the eclipse was finishing. Seventeen different people in Mexico city from different vantage points filmed this event.

solar eclipse alien sighting

Since 1991 hundreds of UFO sights have taken place across Maxico much during the day.

Arizona Alien sighting

On the evening of 13th March 1997 as people across the state gathered outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous Hale-Bopp comet. Those cleared desert skies revealed something far more spectacular. What emerged from the Arizona night triggered the biggest UFO controversy since Roswell.

Immediately over head was something that did not compute that we have never seen anything like this before, formation of extremely bright lights in the V shape, flew from one corner of the state of Arizona and turned around flew back. It was enormous, silent and it was moving fairly slowly. As far as these Phenoix lights are concerned, the government knows nothing.

These are just a few sightings which have been mentioned here. To find out more, we will take a look at more documents, pictures and videos on our later posts to analyze "Are Aliens Real" phenomena.

What will it take to convince the skeptics that this mystery is on the verge of being revealed.
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